Strong newborn baby in a candid moment. Exceptional expression.

Baby & You

The star of the show is of course your baby. Just know, that I would also love to sneak in some candid moments with you.

Pictures for both you and your baby, when older.

Father soaking up the special time with little newborn baby boy.
Mom and dad soaking up the precious moment of newborn baby boy sleeping
Big yawn by baby. Newborn expressions
Sibling love. Newborn and toddler feet next to each other. A special bond is forming between brother and sister.
Newborn family. Mother and father holding hands while looking a baby boy sleeping
Newborn expressions while baby boy is sleeping.
Newborn baby twins sleeping next to each other. Flower headband.
Newborn baby girls napping on mother.
Big sister observing her baby brother sleeping in the bassinet.
Father and mother snuggling with newborn baby girl. They became a new little family of three.
The little baby hands, the little baby feet and legs, wrapped in knitted blanket.
Little newborn baby boy safely wrapped in knitted blanket. Blanket knitted with love by grandmother - you are so loved.
Newborn baby born getting a kiss from big sister. Brother and sister forming a special bond.
Newborn sleeping, holding his little hand next to his cheek.
Little baby foot, little baby toes, on beautiful knitted blanket.
Newborn sleeping. The little nose, the little hand, and the adorable pyjamas.

Little cheeks, smiles, newborn sounds.

Suddenly everything evolves around this tiny little human being.

Your session will be at your house, no rush, just time to enjoy this moment, and pause for a second. The snuggles, the sleeps, the looks, and the almost magical feeling when baby is sleeping - those cherished moments deserves to be immortalized.

Your Baby

All the little characteristics, the toes, little fingers, the nose, hair and lips. So precious, so special, and is what make your baby his or her own little, special human being.

Newborn features in a collage. Feet, little hands, sweet nose and lips.

Your baby will grow fast, but the memories will always be there.

Your baby will grow fast, but the memories will always be there.


What is the best time for newborn pictures?

Ideally we will take the pictures when your baby is around 7-12 days old. We will figure out what will suit you best.

What if my house is a mess?

You just brought home a baby, don't worry about organizing, and cleaning.
Enjoy your baby, and get to know each other. I can easily work my way around piles of baby stuff etc.
Your contact with your baby is what will be shown in the pictures.
And the whole point of the session being in the comfort of your home, is to take away some of the stress.

What if baby gets Hungry?

Your baby is in charge.
There is plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes, snuggles and making sure that everyone is comfortable.

What to wear?

The short answer is 'something comfortable'.
During our talk before the session we will go over all these questions, what to wear, what will help keeping the baby comfortable, and any questions you might have. Everything will be settled before baby arrives, so there is one less thing to worry about.